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Some jappu land fotos...

n joi! :)

4 years in this IT industry!!

Its been 4 years of existence in this hot IT industry!! Congratulations!!! If i look back, i feel like i started my career just now...but, good god, 4 years have passed and i have seen 3 companies in these 4 years!! :) Looking forward to see a 4th company very soon...:)

Loooong break from blogging....

Its been a really looooooong time i blogged and this can be attributed 2 various reasons...tied up with work, tied up with travel daily (?? - commuting to/from the workplace, in Bangalore !) , out of mood 2 blog and some other (crap) reasons...:) Anyway, now i come bk 2 this world and vl continue 2 b here.... nzoi...:)