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2010 - The Year of Many Firsts!

Year 2010 will be an year of many Firsts to me! Here are almost all thatz crossing my mind now...
First year of my fave Indica Xeta Car... First year of my brother's Thread ceremony... First year of my first-time Eye Operation... First year of my Dad's Operation... First year of my Mom's Operation... First year of my second-time Eye Operation... First year of my Sydney trip :-)
I guess no one will be having so many 'Firsts' to their credit! :O)

AVATAR: Technology Explored to Limits!

Yesterday had been to the sci-fi movie thriller "AVATAR" by James Cameron. Initially over the past 1-1.5 months when the movie made news, I thought its just yet another hype movie and had neglected to watch this movie. 
But yesterday I realized that I had made a mistake in 'neglecting' this movie coz I watched this movie yesterday with 2 of my friends (totally, we were '3 idiots') and the one-word which can describe this movie is 'mindblowing'!!
The kind of creativity which has gone in, the kind of technology used, the amount and varieties of colors used is so beautiful that you will just be telling 'wow' thru out the movie! :-)
This movie is technologically the best, atleast for next 2-3 years...the amount of creativity gone in to bring out this movie is amazing...i recommend every one to go and watch  and enjoy this superb, fantastic and mindblowing movie!!

The Bus Day Saga

The 1st 'Bus Day' @ Bangalore was 'celebrated' with lot of hype and hoopla on 04-Feb-2010. I am always a supporter to take the bus to your work - let it be our BMTC or the company provided transport.
BMTC's Volvos are lot better than any company buses in terms of cost, comfort and connectivity! (though sometimes you don't get it when you need :-)) 
From my personal experience, I take my company provided transport, which uses Swaraj Mazda vehicles, Tata Starbus and Big buses. None of them are Air-Conditioned (A/C) which Volvo's has an upper hand, especially during Summer periods. Also, sometimes I need to / like to work / surf when I sit in my bus, which I can comfortably do in Volvo's compared to any of my company provided transport. The Volvo's shock absorption is so good that any humps/potholes (never to go away in Bangalore!) does not affect you and you can easily and happily keep working/typing in the laptop. The same thing in my company provided …