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At last, I discovered but after 2.5 years! :-(

Today, after 2.5 years of using my dear Cell, the Nokia 6260 - clampshell shaped 'brick' :-), I discovered a super good feature (pretty common requirement though) that can save me good amount of money on every call! :-) As the saying goes, 'Need is the mother of all inventions', in my case I had the need to see the 'real-time' call duration ie. when the call is in progress, I wanted to see how much time has elapsed. This was and is required coz countless times, indeed, countless times it has happened that I end a call at the every beginning of next minute (1 call rate is calculated for every 60 seconds), means I end a call at 01 second or 02 seconds or 10seconds or 15seconds. After every call, I curse myself was having wasted some money for just this much time where I could have spoken a bit more till 55 or 58 or 59 seconds!! I dont know how much my money has gone to Bharti's kitty just because of this and I hate to the core! :-(( So, I searched on the net an…

Dusty dust bins and vehicles!

Every other day you see them, in front of your home, in the road - the carriers of dust and waste generated from homes. Earlier their used to be big 'dust'/'waste' bins at every corner of road where we used to go and dump the waste. Then, every 2 or 3 days once, the then Bangalore Mahanagara Palike (BMP) open, shoddy, ugly looking van would come and clear them, though in a super hap-hazard way! Even after the van went, one could say that today their was the BMP van here and one could track the route taken by that open-van, as waste used to fall on every inch on the road!! :-) Now, gone those days and the Bruhat Bangalore Mahanagara Palike (BBMP) mooted program of collecting the waste from 'your doorstep' is in progress, all over the city! Good in one way but bad in many ways!! :-( First the good news; good because you dont need to go and find a waste bin to dump the waste;instead the collecting vans/carts come in front of your home and you can dump the waste in th…

In the name of 'Samaja Kalyana'

Daily, while commuting to work, I pass through the super, world-famous building called 'Vidhana Soudha', home of the Karnataka government/legislature. Its a very beautiful sight to see this tall, huge, amazing structure - conceptualized and built by the then loyal Chief Minister Mr. Kengal Hanumanthiah. Kudos to that great man and the persons behind this who have built this building; one of the busiest tourist spots of Bengalooru! In front of this great building, there is a plush lawn and good amount of space where lot of public functions take place. These functions come under the purview of 'Samaja Kalyana Ilakhe' (Public Works Department). When there is a function, one can see lots and lots of banners put across in and around this place, for a day or two before and after the function. What I have observed is there is lots of cost associated with doing this; right from printing the banners, pasting it in all places, arranging the stage with huge mega-banner displayed in…

3 more weeks to go..

3 more weeks from today before I get relieved from this sweet pain of waiting, without my better half besides me, forever :-)) But this sweet pain is once in a lifetime opportunity and am kind of loving and kind of hating also!! :-)

A Month More!!

Exactly one month from today and I would have entered a new phase in my life with my dear girl !! :-) Waiting for that D-Day :-))

Bangalore,home to lot of HNIs but sadly things are the same!!

There is good news and bad news also. Good news first, in this case :-) Bangalore is the fastest growing city in India, providing home to lot of High Networth Individuals (HNIs) This is indeed good news unless and until these HNIs give back something to namma bengalooru, which is not happening and indeed this is the bad news! :-( I feel the gap between the rich and the poor is alarmingly increasing, even exponentially! Rich are getting richer and poor are getting poorer and we, the middle class keep on swinging between these...Know why? bcoz we are the real, honest tax payers of this country, real players who give back something to this country in the hope that something good will happen and hence even if our income raises, we pay more tax and hence we are in the 'middle', always! Not always is the case with our so-called, HNIs, NRIs and blah point is if our bengalooru is so rich with these people, then why dont they offer something back to improve the image of this cit…