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Write-up on 'Gift Your Sight' Awareness Campaign

Find below the link for a small write-up about the campaign to create Awareness on Eye Donation ('Gift Your Sight' campaign) that i conducted in my company on 22nd Feb 2006. As i am part of the wonderful Volunteer group called Mukta Foundation, the writeup or as my friend calls it a Perspective is available @ If anybody is interested in conducting such campaigns, i am ever ready to provide my full support. Please contact me at: "Light up the darkness in life. Enable blind to see this beautiful world, thru your eyes! - Pledge & Donate Your Eyes, Gift Your Sight - Make it your WISH!"

Percentage of the World i have visited!

Courtesy: have just visited 2% of the world!!! And this is including the transit visits to KL, Malaysia and Bangkok, Thailand! :( Hope, in days and years to come, i take this figure up by roaming more around the world...This is one of my 'top priority' dreams too......:)

21900kms of commutation!

14th Feb 2005 was the day i started to commute to my work place, from my house which is 30kms away (one direction) and marks 1 calendar year of this journey!!! On simple calculation, i get 1 calendar year = 365 days = 365 * 60 kms = 21900kms of commutation!! :) Also, each day i spend on the average 3.5 hours on road and that gives: 365 * 3.5 = 1277.5 hours on road!!!! An acheivement right?? :) God knows how many more hours i need to be on these roads and how many more kms i need to travel! :)

A funny coincidence or a hard Irony??

I have a blog and an webspace on Eye Donation..Made for the purporse of increasing awareness and educating people on the importance of eye donation. ( and Here, the latter one, the blog is maintained by Google and its wonderful i should say. But when it comes to search, some blogs are searchable and some blogs are not. Even though i have added both of the links to the google, they dont list me. And u know, here comes the irony/funny part [whatever u name it :)] My blog and webspace are both searchable using the keywords 'giftyoursight' or 'gift your sight' in MSN search!! MSN being the numero uno rival of Google, lists my blog but Google maintained blog does not come in Google search!! Do you call this an Irony and/or is it funny??

Eyeball in my hand and some astonishing numbers!

On Saturday, i visited the Lions International Eye Bank (Off JC Road) and spoke regarding the upcoming activity of setting up an 'Eye Pledge Counter' in my company premises. Post this talk, they took me to the Lab and showed me the 'Gods greatest gift' to humans....the eyes!!!! Yes, these were the eyes that were gave vision to a person and now, ready to show this world to a blind person! Amazing right...yeah...i saw around 5 eyes kept in the refridgerator and soaked in some preservative, wating to get their new life! They had removed the whole eye (including the White portion called Sclera) and it was kind of a thrill to see the eyes...just the eyes and the cornea. To remove the cornea (this part is the only needed for eye give sight to a corneally-blind person), they have an equipment that does 'Button cutting'! This name can be mapped to the button shaped cornea in the eye, the part that gives vision and shows the world to us... Apart from t…

My death happens at the age of...

...In the year 2086!!! Hmmm...loooooong way to go, but i will definitely donate my eyes when i say tata to you guys...How about u? "Light up the darkness in life. Enable blind to see this beautiful world, thru your eyes! - Pledge & Donate Your Eyes, Gift Your Sight - Make it your WISH!"To know more, Visit: OR

Attitude matters...even if you are from a Top Indian IT company!

2 Months back, i grabbed an opputunity to attend an interview call from the Top Indian IT company...As this company is one of my dream organizations where i would like myself to see working, i accepted their call and went for the interview. I faced, for the first time in my life, a panel of 4 people, all set to take my interview! When i saw them, i thought 'oh-my-god'...this was for few seconds but once i sat there and faced those guys, it went normally and exceptionally well! Went for around 45 mins though and at the end of it, i was thanking god for making this a yet-another wonderful round of questions and answers! As usual (and as i expected) i was called for the HR round of interview and there i faced 2 HR folks, asking the usual questions that went on for another 15 mins. So, on the whole, at the end of it, when i came out of their office, i was in seventh heaven!!! But somewhere, a part of my heart knew that i would not get into this most-dreamt company becuase of Comp…

Great gesture by my colleague!

Yesterday, my colleague, who had just started blogging (says, she is inspired by me! cool...:)) asked me if I had read her blog recently. Actually, I visited her blog 3 days back but didn't find any updates after the first write-up about The Faces of India! So, I told her no and then she asked me to check once. When I checked, it moved me...She had written a blog about me..and guess the title...Hurray! Am a 'Million Dollar' colleague!!!! :)) This write-up about me is about the initiative I have taken on eye donation and the campaign that led me to be a guest of a program on Radio City Bangalore! More of this blog can be found @ Thanks a ton Leena for 'featuring' me in your blog and I hope people read on and respond more to this noble cause that I am in for! I am really moved by this kind gesture of yours... "Light up the darkness in life. Enable blind to see this beautiful world, thru you…

Good response for my Eye donation campaign on Radio City!

Just now i called the Lions International Eye Bank to check how effective my speaking on air, on radio city, about the eye donation campaign is...and u know what...there has been a very good response!!! Good number of people called in to Pledge their eyes and 1/2 people called for eye donation! You just dont know how good my feeling is as of now...but wanted to blog it down and tell to everybody! :) "Light up the darkness in life. Enable blind to see this beautiful world, thru your eyes! - Pledge & Donate Your Eyes, Gift Your Sight - Make it your WISH!" To know more, Visit: OR

Mukta Foundation

Yesterday, a day after my interview, Live on Radio City about my eye donation awareness initiative, i got a mail from a person called Mr. CSP, of Mukta Foundation. I went thru their website and found that they are a group of 'like minded' individuals, who are ready to do and contribute good to the soceity. They interact with some NGOs and try to bring change to the soceity. Later the day, i spoke to the person who had mailed me, praising of my effort on eye donation. Had a good chat with the person (a Software professional) and came to know about more of this suberb volunteer organization. I instantly thought that i should become a part of them and here i am, a volunteer and part of the foundation, trying to make and contribute good to the society,with the help of some good, like-minded persons! More can be found in their website, "Light up the darkness in life. Enable blind to see this beautiful world, thru your eyes! - Pledge & Donate Yo…