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A new turn in Life! :)

Last week, god showed me the path to a new stage in my life and 2 days back, that new stage started off! Still in the very initial part of that new stage and a new person is accompanying me in that stage! :) Hope I travel well on that god shown path, with his blessings! Will write more about this path, as it goes, after some time...:)

Super Cool BarCamp...

Just finished the 2 days event of Bar Camp Bangalore @ ThoughtWorks India, DD, Airport Road, Bangalore. It was a super cool event, got lot of gyan (AJAX, Web 2.0 and much more), presented my "Gift Your Sight" Initiative, met lot of people (from all over India and from Dallas, US) and had lot of fun!! My PPT is shared @ Slideshare and the photos of this event can be found @ Flickr (You can find me in some of the snaps there! :O)!Will blog more in detail about the event later...Watch out! :)