Recap of 2010 & the Fresh 2011...

Happy New Year 2011 and Happy Sankranti, Pongal to all!!
Hope we all have a rocking and exiting 2011 ahead...

Having missed out of the blog scene, lot of things have passed in past year of 2010 which I would like to write...
2010 - what an year of ups and downs and ups :-)
On the professional front, I changed the job from one US blue-chip major to another US blue-chip major & apparently both being strong rivals to one another...Am talking about my job change from Hewlett-Packard (HP India) to IBM India! Both are great companies to work where both of them share a great history of innovation and culture. However once inside a company and totally involved in your job, all these will take a second priority and there comes your job&role as the first priority. So my shift from the earlier Services based / project based job role to the current Labs which involve product development & support...A better long-term view than that of a short-term :-)

One more interesting fact is IBM is going to complete its 100 years of existence...yes!! 2011 is the Centennial year of IBM and this great D-Day is on June 16th 2011!! Amazing to see that a Technology company  completes 100 years of existence and still counting.... All thanks to the great leadership, management, culture of this organization!! 

And from my perspective, this is the difference (and a major one!) between HP and IBM...HP does not have a 'in-built' CEO as compared to IBM...Mr. Sam Palmisano is a 37year old rich veteran of IBM and he understands the in&out of this company and is a great example of a good leader adored by everyone in the company. He knows the roots of the company and has taken IBM to a very high position. This is what HP lacks - they just bring in a new person as CEO from outside, who does not know & feel the roots of the company and the culture and that new person will start ruling the company with his own set of experience from previous organizations - sometimes this might work and sometimes not & unfortunately, in HP's case, this has always gone wrong...not once, but twice and even now for third time!! Just count Carly Fiorina, Mark Hurd and now, Leo Apothekar...all in the past 10 years! ah..and every person is unique and wants to establish their name...sometimes at the cost of other people & even a company!! Its just a matter of time to wait & watch for what 2011 and beyond is about...

Keeping it short for my professional change, on personal side, my brother is now a full-fledged Karnataka state registered Medical Practitioner aka shortly called as Doctor!! :-) He successfully completed his MBBS with flying colors and couple of awards (3rd year College topper + ENT subject top scorer in the college) and right now he is in the way of finding a good Post-graduate seat in a good college in this country...And man! this is too tough a job compared to his entire 5years MBBS degree!! There is so much competition outside and the supply-demand ratio is too pathetic to look at...I can put this number as 1:1000 (or may be more) where 1000 students are fighting it out for 1 seat!!! Icing on the cake is these PG exams are not only attended by the current passed-out batch students but also their 2,3,4 years seniors...which obviously makes the race much tough...:-( I hope somebody at the top (medical council) take some steps to enhance the quality and bring down the ratio and make the seats available for the deserved! I just hope my brother's efforts result in a very fruitful seat in Q1 of 2011!

And now, one of the major news of 2010/2011 is what my family (and of course, myself & my wife) were waiting to hear from past 1.5 years...this topic had put us and my family
in lot of emotional, mental, physical and last, but never the least, financial challenge...hence I say 2010 is not only about many ups but its about many downs also :-( Finally, in the last couple of weeks of 2010, I could see a light at the end of the dark tunnel and yeah, its about the arrival of the very very youngest member in my family...:-) My wife is carrying this little gem and some months down the lane of 2011 should welcome this innocent gem...'taare zameen par' :-))

hmmm...guess its lots for now to cover up/recap the 2010 which has gone by and welcome this new 2011 with lot of bright and fresh hopes & good 'super' time...:-)

PS. Later will talk about some exceptionally good movies of 2010, especially some Kannada ones, which is quite a rarity in today's times...and not to miss the ever-good and growing quality Tamil films...

Till then, Cheers and Keep Smiling :-)


Sum said…
So 2010 was indeed special.... and 2011 is gonna be more special with the lil one :)
Have a great year!
Deeps said…
@Sumana: Thanks!! :-)
Hope to hear the same from your side in 2011 ;-)
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hitaakademi said…

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So 2010 was indeed special.... and 2011 is gonna be more special with the lil one :)
Have a great year!

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